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Come share your knowledge, skills, talent, and love with our residents. Luxe Life Senior Living is an exceptional place to work because we take care of you while you take care of our seniors. Bring your own special something to Luxe Life and become one of the heroes on our team. 

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Great Work Place

Luxe Life Standards of Perfection

  • 100/0 — 100% responsibility, 0 excuses
  • Every guest or family issue should be addressed immediately
  • Look for opportunities to surprise and delight — go the extra mile
  • Treat every guest like they are a member of your family
  • 10/5 Rule — Smile, Be Nice, we are "On Stage"
  • It's everyone's job to answer call lights
  • Clean and pristine is everyone's responsibility
  • Focus on making a great first impression and a lasting fond farewell
  • We are all accountable for owning and maintaining our culture
  • Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence